John Holcomb


This blog is focused on the creation of original artworks by Kansas outsider artist John Holcomb,

Studio, Circa 2015

Here is a shot of the corner of my studio earlier this year. Rarely is it this clean 😎

In this photo you can see I use regular house paint (I now use Benjamin Moore Aura flat interior, the purple can) for base colors in my paintings. It is very expensive, but worth every penny. I use Speedball acrylics for screen printing. I also use Golden silk screen medium by the bucket, mixing in my Benjamin Moore if I need a specific color. I've tried other brands for screen printing inks, but Speedball is the best I've found, especially their red, white and black inks. All other screen printing supplies were purchased from

What you cannot see is how I'm not loyal to any brand of oil pastel. I've found certain colors in different brands that work well, and I also like different brands for their different consistencies. For instance, sometimes the buttery smoothness of Sennelier is what I need, other times it's the hardened Caran D'Ache I reach for.

The most verstatile brand of oil pastel is Holbein. They also happen to make my preferred gesso. I linked to the oil pastels via Dick Blick because they sell open sets. After working with oil pastel for a long time, I've narrowed down my palette to a very specific set of colors from each brand. If you're just starting out, however, I recommend taking the same path I did by buying this giant set of Caran D'Ache oil pastels from Amazon.