John Holcomb

About the Artist

John Holcomb is a self-taught artist from Kansas. 

John Holcomb, 2018

Wordy Bio in Third Person

"I make art to fight off the bad guys, and even though they seem to be everywhere these days … they aren’t. The world is filled with less of the losers than we are led to believe. I make art to bring joy and light to the kindhearted, the hard workers, and those who might be a little sad today and a lot of happy tomorrow. They’re just like me. I paint figures with a variety of colors because underneath the skin, we are all the same.  

I don’t make art for the haters, the losers and the liars who try to get where they want to go in life by treading on someone else. If I have to choose between being a great artist and being a kind human being, I will always choose kindness. Fortunately I don’t have to make that choice. 

The old but gold rule always applies – do unto others as you would have them do to you - even if in turn they do you wrong. It’s my goal to make each and every painting the best thing I could possibly make at that time because it’s what I want others to do for me in whatever field they have chosen to devote their life to."

John H lives in Kansas with his wife Ali. He is represented by Rebecca Hossack, and has exhibited work internationally.  His work has been featured in Food Network, the Smithsonian Institute Arts blog, National Geographic blog. He was honored to be featured in American Illustration 35

Artist Statement, 2018   /    Newsletter

Select Exhibits

2018 Art Market Hamptons, Bridgehampton NY
Flora, Cornell Art Museum, Miami FL
Context New York, New York NY
Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco CA
Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris FR
Art Palm Springs, Palm Springs CA
Outsider Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York NY
LA Art Show, LA Convention Center, Los Angeles CA
2017 Context Miami, Context Pavilion, Miami FL
Seattle Art Fair, Seattle WA
Art Market Hamptons, Bridgehampton NY
Art New York, Pier 92, New York City NY
Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco CA
Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris FR
New York Outsider Art Fair, The Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City NY
2016 Cheers to 2017, The Bourgeois Pig, Lawrence KS*
Culture Studies (Preview), Golden Rule, Topeka KS*
Settlers and Such, HAVEN, Topeka KS*
Works in Progress, PTs at College Hill, Topeka KS
2015 Alumni Show, John Brown University, Siloam Springs, AR
Best Summer Ever, .Pop Shop, Kansas City, KS
Floral Collection, Lake Law Office, Holton KS
2013 The US Presidents, Jackson County Art Walk, Holton KS
2012 The Show, John Brown University, Siloam Springs, AR
2011 Historical Jayhawk Theater Group Show, Topeka KS
2010 ReThink Topeka, Topeka KS
2009 Spring Fling, Omaha NE
The United Plates, Upstage Gallery, Topeka KS*
* solo show

Awards / Select Features

American Illustration 35
Food Network Magazine
Golf Digest
ReadyMade Magazine
National Geographic Arts blog
Smithsonian Arts blog
Travel + Lesiure
Design Sponge

Other Professional Activities

2011-2016, Works of Heart, Family Service and Guidance Center Annual Art Auction, donated work, Topeka KS
2010-2015, Art Director for a marketing firm


2003-2007, BA Graphic Design, John Brown University, Siloam Springs, AR


I love color and energy. Those are the things that infuse my Art. Those are the things that drew me to Fauvism and to Pop Art and to the world beyond them. They drew me to the emotional coloring of Matisse and his desire for simplification; to the bold naivety of Gauguin; to Picasso and Derain; to the daring of Warhol, with his appropriation of imagery and his graphic use of color; to Hockney and his colored grounds; to Basquiat and his chalky line; to the Native American pop artist Scholder; to his followers, Cannon and Furlow; to German Expressionists Kirchner and Beckmann; to Dalwood, Wood and Perry; and the inspiration goes on.

Life Facts 

Born October '84
Topeka, Kansas
Drawing Since '89
Self Taught
Only Child
Married to Ali

Life Theme

All In or Nothin'


Music (punk / garage rock)
Sports (hoopshardball)
Chilling Out (in the "what's the big deal?" big picture sense and the "enjoy the moment" iced coffee sense)
Buying Records
Ice Cream Cones
Down with JC

No Digs

Religious Kooks
Political Kooks
Health Food Kooks